Business Concept

Business Concept

MA Solarways has established long standing supplier relations as well as, a robust, low cost and reliable product that is different from its competitors in both design and use. Also our products have a longer life span on average than the closest competitor, owing to the unique ingenuity that went into making the cell battery technology.

We have chosen to initially run MA Solarways as a decentralised business. This is because we do not have the capacity nor financial ability to have a run-off-the mill centralised operation. A decentralised vehicle will thus allow us to run more efficiently in pockets, as well as help keep overheads down which is vital if we mean to stay true to what MA Solarways is about.

The vision we have as MA Solarways is to become the number one preferred contractor for low cost housing installations in and around South Africa; as well as small to medium businesses that operate within the country, with regard to solar solutions to lighting and energy.

Sales will be done directly to the public or wholesale in the form of tenders and small to medium sized contracts. Given the nature of the business, we would ideally want to follow a SPIN selling methodology combined with conceptual selling methods - that is to say: customers don't buy a product or a service - they buy their concept of a solution. This requires us getting information from the prospective client, giving information to them about our products and what they can do for them, and getting commitment - making the eventual sale. This way transaction should result in a win-win for both the prospect and the salesperson.

For installations, majority of the work will be done in-house - by trained employees who will be trained to perform these installations as per service pledge. Also, our products will be sold with inclusive warranty that will give prospective clients peace of mind and assurance that our products will perform as advertised - as well as promote the values that we strive for: professionalism and excellence.

MA Solarways also will leverage off its intellectual capital in as far as its consultancy services are concerned. Management is well versed with logistics and electrical engineering. Furthermore; we have access to a team of engineers that have a well of experience - that spans over 20 years. Both facets will serve to give credence to our consultancy.