LED Lights

Suppliers of LED Lights & Low cost Solar systems

LED lights have developed at an accelerated tempo over the past ten years. When first developed they were small lights used as panel lights on electronic instruments and equipment. Today there is no form of lighting that cannot be replicated by an LED device. Various grades of quality are available, from the cheap and nasty plastic units to the highly sophisticated with fluted aluminum heat-sinks.

The critical components of any LED device are the actual chips employed and the driver unit. Again, the latter can have the bare minimum of components, or, it can be highly sophisticated, catering for lightning-induced spikes as well as general variations in the electrical supply. In South Africa, both these factors play a major role. It is therefore of the utmost importance that drivers should be designed for South African conditions. Off-the-shelf drivers from overseas suppliers are just not acceptable.

Why does MA Solarways (Pty) Ltd only market and sell LED tubes manufactured in South Africa All our products have a three year unconditional guarantee.

  • All tubes are CE and ROHS approved.
  • All tubes comply with SABS and SANS standards.
  • All tubes are manufactured for South African conditions - they operate on any voltage between 85 and 277 VAC and will withstand spikes of up to 305 VAC.
  • All of the new range of tubes are being manufactured with an aluminium body thickness of 1,2mm as opposed to the industry standard of 0,3mm, improving heat dissipation.
  • All tubes are serviceable - i.e. components (strip and driver) can be replaced.
  • All tube components are recyclable.
  • Major users are Nissan South Africa, BMW, Ford, AFGRI, etc and various schools.