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MA Solarways 350Watt 8X Lamp & Quad USB

Basic Electricity for the Cost of Sunshine Designed for camping and those living in rural and low income areas without access to electricity, the Mega Plus Solar Charger unit is a complete solar intelligent battery management system.

The unit powers up to 4 high brightness, low energy LED lights, which can be easily fitted to the walls or ceilings of any dwelling. The unit also provides two USB power outputs and one 12V socket (cigarette lighter).

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MA Solarways 800+ 220V Inverter

The largest of our range, the i800W Solar Charger with Inverter is the ultimate solar solution for many basic household and recrea􀆟onal power needs. Perfect for homes, lodges, farms and or camping sites where no grid electricity is available. The unit also sports a full colour touch screen display which allows you to fully control the unit, as well as displaying your current power usage allowing you to easily manage your power consumption.

The i800W uses a combination of 2 rechargeable 12V, 33AH Gel Deep-Cycle Batteries for a combined 66AH, 12V (800WH) output. Coupled with the 220V, 250W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, the i800W charger can run a variety of 220VAC appliances in addition to 12VDC appliances. These 220VAC appliances include but are not limited to: a small to mid-sized Class A or be􀆩er energy efficient refrigerator, LED flat screen TV, most major decoders, set-top boxes and laptops.

The i800W charger unit can run up to 16 (8 included) low power, high bright, designer LED lights. It has 4x USB charging ports allowing for up to 4 cellphones or 2 tablets to be charged simultaneously, a 12V socket and 2 additonal DC outputs to power an array of 12V devices.

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MA Solarways Backup Lights

Designed for iluminating your home when no grid power is available, the Insele Backup Lighting unit is a complete power supply intelligent battery management system.

The unit can power up to 8 of our high brightness, low energy, dual function lights (4 Sold seperately). The unit also provides two USB power outputs and one 12V socket (cigarette lighter) for all your charging needs.

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Solar Panels

Available in 20W,40W,100W & 250W additional solar panels come with mounting kits and are locally sourced. Utilising Mono/Polycrystalline technology the modules are among the most efficient photo voltaic technology available in the market at the given time. All our solar panels have a estimated lifespan of more than 30 years when correctly maintained.

Professional Landscaping Lamps

Available in the following Spot Lights, Flood Lights, Garden Spike Light or Pine green casting.

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