Our Strategy

Vision Statement

The vision we have as MA Solarways is to become the number one preferred contractor for low cost housing installations in and around South Africa; as well as small to medium businesses that operate within the country, with regard to solar solutions to lighting and energy.

Mission Statement

The mission for MA Solarways is thus to establish a footprint in the renewable energy space, to help communities in developing countries like South Africa achieve economic growth coupled with clean energy. Furthermore to help reduce the existing carbon footprint, leaving a cleaner world for our children.

Our Values

Professionalism, excellence and customer satisfaction are ultimately the three pronged stool that we rest our values on as MA Solarways.

Economic Intent

Our economic intent is to make profit, and and over time, use some of the profits to give back to the communities that we will operate in.

Business Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to eradicate the use of outdated methods of lighting like candles and paraffin lamps, which not only will aid in saving lives, but improving those lives as. Simply put - we want to shine a light where such light is not very bright - so those communities can shine and add to our developing GDP.

Business Strategy

The general strategy we will be adopting at MA Solarways is that of organic growth in our growing years (first 3 years). Thereafter, if successful with the initial growth, we would seek to vertically integrate manufacturing and supply (3-6 years into operation). Finally, to maintain market share and stabilize earnings potential, acquire underperforming competitors (after about 6 years of operation).